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Custom Drinkware for the Holiday Season

November 8, 2018 It’s that time of year again and the holiday season is upon us. While December is traditionally a slow month for most businesses (besides stores that sell goods!), it’s the perfect time to show customers how much you appreciate their business with a gift customized with your company logo. Custom drinkware is … Continue reading “Custom Drinkware for the Holiday Season”

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Keeping up with the Joneses – What’s new in Custom Drinkware

October 24, 2018 There is no better way to promote your brand or a promotional even than with custom drinkware, and at the Custom Drinkware Store, we have a huge selection to meet every need. We are continuously adding new products to our store, usually just a few at a time. But this week we … Continue reading “Keeping up with the Joneses – What’s new in Custom Drinkware”

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Fundraising with Custom Drinkware

August 30, 2018 Fundraising is essential for with charities to raise awareness and money for their cause, and provides a way for schools, sports teams, and other organizations to raise funds to sponsor groups and events. Custom drinkware is a great way to raise funds for school clubs and events. Add your school/club name and/or … Continue reading “Fundraising with Custom Drinkware”

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Why Everyone Loves Coffee Mugs

August 2, 2018 The popularity of the coffee mug is really pretty easy to understand. Not just for coffee drinkers, mugs are so versatile that everyone can easily find a way to use them in their everyday life. Of course there’s the obvious, coffee, tea, soup, and other hot beverages and foods. Some people are … Continue reading “Why Everyone Loves Coffee Mugs”

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Stainless Steel Drinkware – Why it’s so Popular

July 19, 2018 There is no doubt that the popularity of stainless steel drinkware has risen significantly in the past couple of years. So why do so many people prefer stainless steel over plastic? Aside from the fact that it has a sleek, modern appearance, there are some distinct advantages of choosing stainless steel for … Continue reading “Stainless Steel Drinkware – Why it’s so Popular”

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Choosing the right Custom Drinkware for your Promotion

July 5, 2018 Custom drinkware is a great way to get your name in front of customers, as well as bring in new clients. The type of drinkware you choose should depend on the type of promotion you are running, as well as your target audience. If you own a restaurant or bar, your choices … Continue reading “Choosing the right Custom Drinkware for your Promotion”

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Using Custom Water Bottles to Promote your Event

June 21, 2018 When it comes to promotional drinkware, you have a lot of choices. One of the most popular is a water bottle, or sports bottle as they are often called. Custom water bottles are great for promotions, and you can come up with some pretty creative ideas that would help promote your event … Continue reading “Using Custom Water Bottles to Promote your Event”

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BPA Information and Effects in Plastic Bottles

June 7, 2018 Everyone has heard about BPA and how it is unsafe for use in drinkware, but do we really know what it is and why it should be avoided? Let’s take a look. Let me start by saying that at, all of our drinkware is BPA free. BPA is found only in … Continue reading “BPA Information and Effects in Plastic Bottles”

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Promotional Drinkware – Why it Works!

May 17, 2018 Whether you are just starting out or a giant in your field, promotional drinkware is a great way to advertise your company. Think about it! What is the one thing everyone does, every day? They drink! Water, coffee, sports drinks, even beer and wine, and since drinking is a necessity, why not … Continue reading “Promotional Drinkware – Why it Works!”

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